Day 3 of 365 Days of SC: Feeling Good at the Gym!

After work, I spent a good hour or so at the gym, building up my strength and endurance! I’m running a marathon next month, so I need all the help I can get! I must admit, I was incredibly anxious when I first joined the gym. I feel so much more relaxed now though! When you think of gyms, you tend to think of huge bodybuilders comparing muscles, but it certainly isn’t like that! You do have a few bodybuilders there, but they are usually very friendly, and would help you if you needed it. When you first join the gym, … Read more…

Looking For Your Submissions!

As you can all probably guess, I haven’t been updating very much, simply because I haven’t found the time. Because I don’t want this site to go active, I am now open for your submissions! It can be any sort of content, as long as it focuses on the positives. To make a submission, click on the ‘Submit’ button at the top, and just read through the bit of text first. Then just complete the form. You may also choose to upload content as well using the submit form. I look forward to your submissions! Love, Charlotte x

After Two Sessions, I Can Feel the Benefit Of CBT

Okay, I must admit that my last CBT appointment was two weeks ago, but after a day at work yesterday, I can really start to appreciate my CBT. Continuing on from the first session, the next session explored the cycle of negative thoughts, anxiety and depression in more detail. Starting from things in the past, which were likely to have gave me the core belief that I wasn’t good enough, and then looking at how this causes me to think that I am not good enough, I constantly have to impress people, and be perfect made me understand how I got … Read more…

Beauty: A Poem

A little something I wrote weeks ago, when I started to feel better:

Climb out of the darkness
And show the world
your beauty.

Beauty is not just appearance;
A kind heart,
A faithful friend,
A loving partner,
A happy soul.

Throw those blades away
sweet angel.
Don’t mutilate your body
no more.

You have nothing to fear,
for I will always
stand by your side.
Sweet angel.