Day 2 of 365 Days of Self Care: Happy Hamster Hugs!

Today is the day when I usually clean my adorable pet hamster out. He’s a long-haired ginger Syrian Hamster called… Ginger!

Hamsters generally have a life span of about two years, but this little guy is near enough two and a half – and he’s still as energetic as he always was!

So once I’d finished cleaning him out, I gave him an extra special cuddle, because he is such a fun little guy, and always full of beans. No matter how sad or stressed I am, he never fails to put a smile on my face.

But pets are good at that: there is a special unconditional love when it comes to pets. From hamsters to cats, to dogs. Us owners are pretty much their entire world. No matter how much you hate yourself, you pets will love you anyway. They say that stroking and interacting animals reduces stress: I certainly agree with that.

Not only cuddles, but walking your dog can be great for you too. Fresh air, the chance to relax, and a bit of exercise (exercise in itself releases ‘happy hormones’ to make you feel good) can make you a much calmer person.

Anyway, to finish off, here is a picture of my hamster when I managed to distract him with a treat (one of the only few decent pictures I have; he doesn’t stop moving long enough for me to take them most of the time!)

Ginger the Syrian Hamster

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