Roses are my favourite flower, and always make me smile.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to come home after a crap, stressful day, and find the person of your dreams has done this. You have nothing more to worry about, and can have the most beautiful evening ever.

That’s my dream anyway!

Wait! Don’t Hurt Yourself Today

lifeisbeautiful345: You’re too beautiful to hurt yourself. “You’ve never seen me! How could you know that?” you may think. The simple fact is, we are all beautiful. And we are all too beautiful to harm ourselves. This may feel like one of the most loneliest times ever. You may feel like a freak; that you don’t deserve anything nice; that you shouldn’t be here.  But guess what? Those things aren’t true. I love you, and think you deserve a really big hug, and a shoulder to cry on. Remember that. Put those blades away. Someone out there loves you, and … Read more…