More Animal Fun (and Cuteness)

I find that a temporary cure on those days when I just feel rubbish, is to browse the internet for some funny and cute pictures. They say that having a pet can help lower stress, and as we all know, they’re fun to have around. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with a pet, but I can find some cuties/funnies on the internet, to give you a smile. Click ‘Read more’ to view the pictures. ~~~ To start off: I’m not much of a fan of reptilian pets, but I must admit that putting bunny ears on a snake does make it … Read more…

Roses are my favourite flower, and always make me smile.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to come home after a crap, stressful day, and find the person of your dreams has done this. You have nothing more to worry about, and can have the most beautiful evening ever.

That’s my dream anyway!