Roses are my favourite flower, and always make me smile.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to come home after a crap, stressful day, and find the person of your dreams has done this. You have nothing more to worry about, and can have the most beautiful evening ever.

That’s my dream anyway!

Morning, Beautiful.

Good morning! I hope you slept well. I know for some of you, this is wishful thinking. Sleeping problems are common with illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. I used to have these problems. My anxiety would get worse on a night, where I would lie alone, with my mind going into overdrive; constantly worrying and thinking instead of resting. And then you begin to worry because you haven’t slept, and you’ve a busy day ahead of you. These issues can improve with some help (like counselling, for example) and tablets. Personally, my antidepressants made me extremely tired, so I’d … Read more…