Day 3 of 365 Days of SC: Feeling Good at the Gym!

After work, I spent a good hour or so at the gym, building up my strength and endurance! I’m running a marathon next month, so I need all the help I can get!

I must admit, I was incredibly anxious when I first joined the gym. I feel so much more relaxed now though! When you think of gyms, you tend to think of huge bodybuilders comparing muscles, but it certainly isn’t like that! You do have a few bodybuilders there, but they are usually very friendly, and would help you if you needed it. When you first join the gym, you have the opportunity to have an induction. A kind personal trainer showed me how to use the equipment. I received a personalised training guide in order to get the most out of my gym sessions.

So I was made very welcome at the gym, and am quite comfortable going. And, as I have said in previous blog posts, but will continue to say, as it is one of the best things I have done: exercise is good for mental health, not just physical health! 

I am improving mentally and physically, and it feels great!

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